Dennis Rodenburg aka Virusbeats is a music producer who worked with national established artists as well as underground and upcoming acts. The name Virusbeats is synonymous to top class productions and diversity. Therefore Virusbeats has been indulging in various area of expertise such as Hip Hop, Trance and Drum n Bass.


Back in the 90’s Dennis was largely inspired by independent dj/producers such as The Coversquad, Dj Moortje and Dj Funk (to name a few) who were a big attribute to the urban underground scene back then. Fuelled by his confidence that he too can be one of the greats, Dennis and his close friend Stef Hofman decided to become producers. Driven to succeed the two engaged in a series of experimental beats. Mainly electronic and alternative beats were created on a different semi compatible software and hardware. In the process Dennis laid the ground for what later would become Virusbeats.


By the time Virusbeats entered the 21st century he was well established as a diverse producer and had gained an immense popularity amongst urban acts true out Holland. His cutting edge percussions skills and class act sample handling made him one of the biggest talents around while his ability to compose his own music ensured him of the admiration of his peers. Working on a variety of albums, mixtapes and remixes Virusbeats earned his credentials.


Virusbeats has worked with acts such as:


  • Lost Rebels
  • CC
  • EZG
  • VSOP
  • Ablaze
  • Excellent
  • Tuigcommissie
  • Ali B (On Excellent’s album “X-Facta”)
  • Jiggy Dje (On Excellent’s album “X-Facta”)
  • J-Spine (On Excellent’s album “X-Facta”)
  • Tim Beumers
  • Mystic Xperienz
  • Tjerk Oosterheim
  • Karima
  • K-Shaw’s M-Kay
  • Sage


Beats by Virusbeats are often a guarantee for success. An example is the debut Album of Lost Rebels “Revolutie” from which came songs like “Fok niet met Kreek” and “Het einde”. The album was produced by Virusbeats and was a massive hit. Also live performances of songs produced by Virusbeats are crowd pleasers.


True out his career Virusbeats has maintained his loyalty to his high quality. With each profit made and money earned, he invested it in his equipment, material and knowledge to keep his deliverance of music on a higher standard. His experience with established as well with upcoming artists has giving Virusbeats the ability to conduct his work with utmost professionalism. Born to be one of the greatest and lives to keep it that way, Virusbeats…